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Candidate's Registration

  1. If a candidate is a new user and wants to access the features of the Candidate Panel s/he should register on the platform.

  2. Fill in the required details in the registration form shown in the above image otherwise, select the social login option of "LinkedIn" or "Google" without entering their details into the SignUp form.

  3. If candidates enter their details and click on Continue on the SignUp page, they will be redirected to the OTP page to enter the OTP which candidate will received to their registered email address.

  4. Once the received OTP validates successfully, a candidate has to fill in the 6-step form to enter their details on the platform.

    1. Personal Details: The candidate should fill in the required details which will be their gender, date of birth, residential country, state and city to proceed with the next step of the stepper form.

    2. Industry: In this section, the candidate should enter the industry details they are working in or wish to work in to get the matched jobs based on their selection.

    3. Education: Candidate can add their educational details in this section.

    4. Projects: This is the 4th step where a candidate has to fill out the project they worked on or currently working which will showcase their expertise.

    5. Certifications: This section can be used by the candidate to update the certificates they have which will increase their shortlisting chances for the applied jobs.

    6. Experience: This will be the last step of the stepper form which can be filled by the candidate if they are experienced or simply they can click on "Next" to skip the step.

    7. Once the candidate completes all 6 steps they will get a chance to verify the details they entered and also be able to change those details if needed. If all the details are correct just click on "Verify and Submit".

    8. Superb! The candidate registered on the platform to apply for the jobs listed by you as an employer or the employer associated with your job board.

Candidate's Homepage

Homepage Header

After successful login as a candidate the header of the homepage will change.

  1. Company Logo: The default logo will be the initials of the company name. Admin will have the access to change the logo as per their preference.

  2. Home: This button in the header will be used to open the homepage from any website page directly.

  3. All Jobs: This module will show the list of all jobs posted by an employer.

  4. Recommended Jobs: The recommended jobs will show the jobs based on the details of the candidate's profile.

  5. My Jobs: This section will show the jobs based on the activity done by the candidate on that particular job. It will show the status of the jobs i.e., Active, Saved, Applied, Rejected and Hired.

  6. Profile: This button in the header will be used to open the profile section of the candidate from where candidates can update their profile details.

  7. Notification: This button in the header will show all the notifications received by a candidate.

  8. Logout: This button is used to log out of the system after completing the successful session to maintain the security of the data and to avoid unauthorized access to the system.

Homepage Functions

The candidate's homepage functions and features will be the same as the guest user's except for the header.

The homepage footer includes the links of social media links and various pages of the website.

  1. Company Logo: Similar to the logo in the homepage header.

  2. Social Media Links: Below the company logo in the footer the social media links will display that will be added by an Admin from the Admin Panel.

  3. Connect with us: This section in the footer will have your email address and WhatsApp number so that candidates can easily connect with you in any query.

  4. Static Pages: This section in the footer includes all static pages i.e., Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us including Site Map.

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