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This page to view the Analytics of Jobs from Admin Panel.

Graphical view

It is the area where all graphs are produced by various data added to the platform.

  1. Total Views: Total number of candidates who viewed the job.

  2. Total Applied: This shows the number of candidates who applied for specific job posts.

  3. Total Post: It is the total number of jobs that are posted.

Job analytics gives specific insights into the jobs that are listed and comprises data that covers information as follows:

Job Analytics

  • Job Title: It shows the name of the job which is posted.

  • Company Name: The name of the company that posted the job.

  • Location: It shows the location from where the job is posted.

  • Vacancy: It shows several vacant positions the company has posted.

  • Applied: It shows the count of candidates who have applied for the job.

  • Shortlisted: It shows the count of candidates selected for a second round of interviews.

  • Interviewed: It reflects the count of candidates who have completed the interview process.

  • Hired: The number of candidates that the employer selects to hire.

  • Views: It shows the views count for the overall jobs posted.

  • Job posted date and time: Shows the date and time of the job when it was created.

Job Analytics Header

  • The Job Analytics header includes the date filter and company filter and has the option to Export the data in an Excel file.

Analytics Conclusion

The details collected for job analysis play an important role in viewing the data about jobs, as the job analysis provides valuable insight like several views obtained for a job and the total number of candidates who applied which will eventually make it easy for the admin to analyze about the performance of the particular job without wasting time.

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