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What kind of data will be available in Dashboard?

In the Dashboard of Artha Job Board, an Admin can see the data of candidates, employers, jobs and the expiring in 15 days plan of an employer on the same screen.

Can we create an employer from the Admin Panel?

Yes, you can. Just click on the "Add Employer" button and fill in the basic details of an employer. An employer will receive mail on the employer's registered mail entered by you while adding an employer.

Is custom branding possible with Artha?

Yes, Artha enables custom branding to make the job board look exclusive for any brand. Log in to the Admin Panel and go to the Settings module for custom rebranding.

What are the Artha Job Board's top features?

Artha encompasses a diverse array of outstanding features:

  1. Intuitive Administrative Console Effortlessly oversee your Job Board with Artha. Monitor purchases, payment details, applicant information, and effortlessly edit listings through the user-friendly admin panel. Tailor all your job board configurations to suit your specific needs.

  2. Adaptable Mobile Design Designed to be mobile and tablet-friendly right from the start. No need for a separate application – our software utilizes cutting-edge techniques to automatically adjust to any screen size, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience

  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Enhancement Artha simplifies the process of adding extra content to your job board. All blogs, custom pages, and job listings are optimized for search engines, featuring proper semantic markup, automatic Sitemap generation, user-friendly URLs, and more! Offerings Enhance the value of each transaction by configuring products. Our versatile system allows you to establish various combinations of job quantities and timeframes.

  4. Effortless Application Process A refined and smooth application process with integrated tracking. Stay ahead of the competition by keeping track of your client's job performance.

  5. Candidate Profile Repository Operate your personalized database of candidate profiles and monetize employer access.

  6. Company Profiles Employers can register with your job board and effortlessly oversee all their job postings, access statistics, and review applicants from a unified dashboard.

Can I custom widgets on the homepage of the website from Admin Panel?

Yes! You can add multiple widgets and map them to the page section. The mapped widgets will reflect on the homepage of the website.

How to add Resume Template?

To add a resume template you have to contact the developer team because it can be updated by the developer only.

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