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This module will have the two functions lets discuss it in brief.

Import History

This button in the "My Jobs" module will redirect employers to the page where they can view the history or import jobs in bulk.

Post a Job

The "Post A Job" button in the employer's panel on the homepage is used by an employer to post a single job Manually by selecting "Add Job" or adding multiple jobs at a time using "Upload Bulk Job".

Add Job

  1. Let's start by adding our first job on the platform as an employer.

  2. If you click on "Add Job" from the employer panel you'll be redirected to the page where you have to fill in the details to post a job successfully.

Steps to Add Job

  1. Filing the "Job Type" form will be your first page for posting a job as an employer.

  2. Once you click on "Save For Next" you'll be redirected to the "Job Description" page to fill in the description of the job you wish to post as an employer.

  3. After entering the "Job Description" you have to select the location type. Let's check the types of locations in detail.

    1. Hybrid: If your organization is allowing partial working days remotely and partially from the office, you can select this option as your preferred location type.

    2. Work from Anywhere: If your organization is operating remotely then this option will be a good choice.

    3. Work From Office: As an employer, if your organization doesn't support remote work you may select this option based on your preference.

    4. After selecting an appropriate location type you have to add the benefits provided by your organization to an employee.

  4. As we all know salary is the most important benefit for job seekers. Hence mention the minimum and maximum salary for the job you are posting.

  5. "Additional Questions" will be the next section that you can use as an employer to add to the job which can be answered by a job seeker when s/he is applying for the same job.

  6. The last step would be the "Job Post Verification" to ensure that the required details entered for posting a job are correct. As an employer, you can update the details before confirming the job post.

  7. If you are confident enough that the accuracy of the details entered is correct, click on "Confirm And Post".

  8. Congratulations! You have successfully posted your first job 👏👏👏

  9. You can go to the homepage to post more jobs.

Upload Bulk Job

  1. As an employer, you can upload multiple jobs using the "Upload Bulk Job" feature in the "Post a Job".

  2. Once you click "Upload Bulk Job" you will be redirected to the page where you can upload multiple jobs in 4 steps.

  3. We provided a sample template for multiple job uploads, you have to click on "Download sample" and add the relevant content as mentioned in the 1st column of the file.

  4. Please find the "Import Template" file attached for your reference.

  1. Upload the updated file and click "See Mapping" to add jobs in bulk.

  2. The first step was completed successfully, now let's move to the next step i.e., "Map Columns".

  3. This page is used to map the data properly with the associate columns, you can change the data or upload the file again with appropriate data if there is any issue with the column and data added into that column.

  4. If the data is accurate, click on "Review Data".

  5. Awesome! The system verified the data and all records are valid.

  6. Click "Yes" and add the jobs on the platform in just a click.

  7. Do you have another file ready to upload? Click "Upload Again" or else close to navigate to other platform functions.

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