This section is used to show or hide the "Register" button, "Hide Name" buttons, "Currency Type" and "Display Job Heading" in the front panel.

About Miscellaneous

  1. Show Candidate Register Button: This feature will be used by an Admin to show/hide the "Register" button from the website which will be used by the Candidate on the website to directly register themselves using this button else they can register from the login page too as a new user of the website as a candidate.

  2. Hide Name: If this function is active from the Admin Panel the candidate name will be hidden from the other registered users on the website whereas if this function is inactive the candidate name will display on the website.

  3. Currency Type: This function will be used by an admin to set the default currency of the job board which will be utilized in the payment flow or it will display with the amount of the plan.

  4. Display Job Heading: This function will be used to change the text of the "Post a job" button displayed in the header of the guest user (when the user is not logged in).

Miscellaneous Instructions

  1. Click "Edit" to update the mentioned features of the platform.

  2. Enable or disable the "Show Candidate Register Button" to activate or deactivate respectively.

  3. Enable or disable the "Hide Name" toggle to activate or deactivate respectively.

  4. Select currency type based on your location from the dropdown list.

  5. Enter the custom text of the job heading.

  6. Click "Save".

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