📧Email Configuration

Configure an email service to send an email with your email address to Employers and Candidates.

About Email Configuration

  1. Using this feature an Admin can configure the email through which an Employer or a Candidate will receive email.

  2. The admin can configure the email in a way that the receiver will receive the email from the preferred email address of the Admin.

  3. Admin has to fill in the following details to configure the Email address so that the receiver will get the email from the Admin's preferred email address i.e., Email Provider, From Email, API Key, Host and Port.

Email Configuration Instructions

  1. Select an "Email Provider" from the dropdown in the image below.

  2. Enter an email address through which an employer or candidate will receive the emails.

  3. Enter "Client ID" and "Client Secret" which will be provided by your email service provider.

  4. Select the region and "Save".

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