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This page will show the profile details of the candidate.

Profile Page

This page contains the details of the candidate with the completion percentage of the profile.

  1. This section includes the profile photo and the candidate's full name with demographical and geographical details.

  2. It will also display the profile completion percentage based on the details added by the candidate which may include their experience, education, certificate and projects with appropriate weightage of the details.

My Profile

This section includes details of the candidate as mentioned below:

Basic Details

This section includes the basic details of the candidate which will be the full name, email address and phone number.

Personal Details

This section will have the personal details of the candidate i.e., gender, date of birth, city, state and country.

Industrial Details

This section will have the industrial details in which the candidate may be working or interested to work in with the details of domain/function, industry type, job level, experience and skills of the candidate.


User can add their previous work experience in this section to increase the chances of shortlisting and selection for the applied jobs.

Add Experience

The candidate can add their previous experience by clicking on the "Add" button and filling in the required details mentioned in the form.


This section will have the educational details of the candidate.

  1. The candidate can add, update and delete the educational details from their account to maintain the accuracy of the data as per their preferences.


This section of the "My Profile" module will show the resumes added by the candidate.

  1. The candidate can upload a new resume by clicking on the "New Resume" button.

  2. They can view their uploaded resume and also they can delete their older resume.


This section will showcase the list of projects in which the candidate had provided their input.

Add Projects

Candidate can add more projects to showcase their skills and abilities by clicking on the "Add" button and filling in the required details.


This section will show the list of certificates earned by the candidates.

Add Certificates

  1. As the candidates upgrade their skills from various certification courses they can showcase their certificates by adding them to their profile.

  2. The candidate should fill in the required certification details and click "Save" to add the new certificate to their profile.


This tab is used to update the settings in the Candidate Panel to ignore the companies or to stop notifications. To update these settings user has to click on the "Edit" button and should update the details based on their preferences.

Ignore Company

Through these settings, the candidates can hide their profiles from the selected companies.

Job Information Notification

This setting in the Candidate Panel can be used by the candidates to turn the notification on or off.

Change Password

This section in the "My Profile" of the Candidate's Panel can be used to change the current login password to maintain the security of their account and avoid unauthorized access to their account.

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