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Feature to update and translate the existing text.

About Feature

This feature will be used to change the existing text and translate it based on your preferred language on the user panel (employer and candidate panel) and admin panel.

Update in Simple Steps

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel.

  2. Go to the "Manage Portal" module.

  3. Click on the "Text & Translation" from the left panel of the screen.

  4. Select "Text", "Notification" or "Email", whichever field you want to update.

  5. Let's explore each option.


  1. This section will have two sub-sections i.e., "User Panel" and "Admin Panel".

  2. Select the panel you want to update.

  3. Search the text or click on "Find & Replace".

  4. Enter the text you want to update and click "Find All".

  5. Enter the updated text and click on "Replace All".

  6. Another option to update text will be as follows:

    1. Search the text.

    2. Update the text by entering new text into the input field.

    3. Press "Enter" or click anywhere on the screen and the updated text will automatically save.

  7. Text replaced!!


  1. This section will have the list of sentences with the input field.

  2. The default selected language will be "English".

  3. Search the text manually or use "Find and Replace".

  4. Enter the updated text.

  5. If searched manually press enter or click anywhere on the screen.

  6. If using "Find & Replace", enter the text click on "Find All", enter the updated text and click on "Replace All".

  7. Text Replaced!!


  1. This section will have all the emails used in the platform that the user will receive including the subject and content.

  2. List of Emails:

    1. Forgot Password

    2. New User Password

    3. SignUp OTP

    4. Password Reset

    5. Login OTP

    6. Successfully Onboarded

    7. Payment Successful

    8. Payment Failed

  1. Email content will have dynamic data with validation.

  2. If the user enters all the dynamic data it will be highlighted in green.

  3. Missing data will be highlighted in red.

  4. To remove the red highlight validation, click "Restore Default".

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