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This page is used by the admin to categorize the job based on domain, industry and skills.

Job Category Management

Job Category in Admin Panel includes the following section as mentioned in the below image.

Job Category Overview

Let's elaborate on each section of the Job Category Module:

  • Image: This column shows the image of the job category uploaded by an Admin.

  • Name: This column reflects the name of the job category.

  • Slug: This is the part of the URL that is used to identify the job category web pages.

  • Active: This column shows two statuses in the job category i.e., Active and Inactive to manage the availability of a particular job category in the website.

  • Actions: This column is used to manage the actions listed below:

    • SEO Management:


      It is the details displayed at the top of your website that help search engines like Google and Bing identify details about the page.

      • Meta title: A short website description shown when searched.

      • Meta Description: Additional content in the form of text for the webpage of a website.

      • Keywords: terms used to describe your website when searched.

      • Author: The person or organization that created the website.

      • Cover photo: The image that is displayed on social media when searched.

      Open Graph:

      It is a set of tags that help social media platforms display your website content correctly and quickly.

      • Title: The text displayed as a title when someone shares your page on social media.

      • Description: A short text is displayed below the title when someone shares the page on social media.


      Using this place you can add the custom javascript/CSS in the head tag of your website.

      • Add Script: A way to add custom JavaScript code to your category page.

    • Edit: This button is used to edit the job category to maintain the accuracy of the data.

    • Delete: This button is used to remove the job categories that are not required or may be added by mistake.

  • Search Category: This section is displayed in the header section of the page to search for a particular category from the list of job categories.

  • Add Category: Using this button the admin can add a new job category.

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