Homepage Before Login

This page will have the description of the Homepage for guest users.

Homepage Header

  1. The first section at the top of the page will be the "Homepage Header". It includes the company logo, "Job Seeker", "Employer" and "Post a job" buttons.

  2. The "Job Seeker" button in the header will redirect to the job seeker login page where candidates have to enter their credentials (username & password) to access the features of the candidate panel.

  3. Candidate can also login to the system via Social Login by using their "LinkedIn" & "Google" accounts for login to the system without entering any password for authentication.

  4. Selecting a social login option users will be redirected to the social login link where they have to enter their social login credentials which will be used to log in to the Candidate Panel too.

Homepage Functions

  1. Below the header, the first function of the homepage will be its banner with the search option for jobs, companies, keywords and cities.

  2. The "Search Job" button will redirect you to the list of available jobs listed in the company.

  3. Homepage Banner is a default widget of the website.

Spotlight Widget

  1. Just like the homepage banner, the Spotlight is also a default widget of the homepage. It includes two fixed cards on the page for "Job Seekers" and "Employers".

  2. The "Job Seekers" card will have the "Find Jobs" button which will redirect you to the jobs list page.

  3. The "Employers" card will have the "Post a Job" button which will redirect you to the employer login page.

Jobs and Filters

  1. As we scroll down further from the homepage banner and spotlight widget we'll see the list of available jobs with the filter.

  2. The filter option will help you to fetch the selected jobs based on your preferences.

  3. The filter option will have the keywords filter, job category filter and location filter to select the preferred location and also you can see the remote jobs.

Optional Widgets

  1. The optional widgets will be the widgets that an Admin can add based on their preference i.e., the details that Admin want to display on the homepage.

  2. We created a "Category" widget as shown in the above image. Just like this, you can create different widgets like "Features Jobs", "Feature Companies" and so on.

  3. Want to know more about widgets? Click on the below module for more details.


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