Hovering over the profile icon from the header of the Admin Panel will display the list as shown in the below image.

View Profile

  1. When you click the "View Profile" button you will be redirected to the profile page.

  2. You can update your "First Name" and "Last Name" on the profile page.

  3. To change the password, enter the "Current Password" then "New Password" and re-enter the new password to confirm the password.

Switch Profile

  1. This feature is developed to explore the platform as an employer or candidate.

  2. Only admin users (you) can switch your profile from one panel to another.

  3. Select the user panel (employer or candidate) and switch without signup or login.

  4. The reason for developing this feature is to provide an option to explore the platform as a user and improve the process if required.

Switch To Employer

  1. Hover over the profile icon.

  2. Select "Switch To Employer".

  3. You'll be redirected to the Employer Panel without login.

  4. In the employer panel, you'll get an option to "Switch To Admin" and "Switch To Candidate".

Note*: Switching option in employer and candidate panel can be available only for admin. The regular employer and candidate won't have this options.

Switch To Candidate

  1. The steps are similar to the "Switch To Employer" the only difference is you will be redirected to the Candidate Panel.


This is the general function created to secure your account from unauthorized access.

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