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This page will have the description of the Homepage of registered employers.


  1. To view the employer's homepage make sure you are a registered employer on the platform.

  2. Fill out the registration form and click "Continue" to proceed further.

  3. Now you should enter the OTP received on your registered email address to verify your email address.

  4. Once the received OTP validates successfully, fill in the basic details and company description.

    1. Basic Details: As an employer, you should enter your basic company details by uploading the company logo and filling in the details like Company Name, Business Industry and other required details.

    2. The "Save & Next" button at the bottom of the form will redirect you to the next page i.e., "Company Description".

    3. Company Description: In this form, you have to enter the description of the company like Company Type, No. of Employees, Company Founded and other required details.

  5. Congratulations!! You have successfully set up the company profile. Click on the "Go to Home" button to open the home page of the Employer's Panel.


The employer's homepage includes the analytics, statistics of jobs and candidates with their statuses and other features of the platform. Let's view it in detail.

The header section of the Employer's homepage will have the following details mentioned below:

  1. Company Logo: The default logo will be the initials of the company name. Admin will have the access to change the logo as per their preference.

  2. Home: This button in the header will be used to open the homepage from any website page directly.

  3. My Jobs: This page will show the list of jobs posted from the employer panel.

  4. Analytics: The "Analytics" button in the header of the Employer's homepage will be used to redirect an employer to the "Analytics" page to view the analysis and statistics of jobs and candidates.

  5. Profile: This button in the header will be used to open the employer's profile section from where an employer can update their profile details. Hover over the profile shows the list of sections within the profile.

  6. Notification: This button in the header will show all the notifications received by an employer.

  7. Logout: This button is used to log out of the system after completing the successful session to maintain data security and avoid unauthorized system access.

Welcome Banner

  1. The Welcome Banner will have the company name, "Post a Job" button and analytics of the platform.

  2. Please click on the below tab to learn more about "Post a Job".

🈂️pageMy Jobs
  1. Analytics with the Welcome Banner will show the analysis of the below-mentioned details:

    1. Total Active Jobs: This analytics shows the number of jobs posted on the platform.

    2. Total Applicants: This data will show the number of candidates on the platform.

    3. Total Job View: This data will show the number of jobs viewed by candidates.

    4. Total Applicants Shortlisted: This analytics will show the number of candidates shortlisted who applied for the jobs posted by an employer.

    5. Total Interview: This data will show the number of interviews scheduled by an employer.

    6. Total Hired: This data will show the number of candidates hired by an employer.

Total Statistics

  1. This section on the homepage will show the statistics of the platform.

  2. You can filter the stats by date range.

  3. Click on the date range, select the dates and press enter.

  4. Statistics of the platform on your screen!!

  5. It shows the statistics of "Total Applicants", "Total Hired", "Total Applicants Shortlisted" and "Total Interview".

Current Job Opening

  1. Current Job Opening is the section on the homepage that will show the list of recent jobs posted by an employer.

  2. It has the "View All" button to view all the jobs posted by an employer.

  3. As an employer, you can view the number of candidates based on their status.

  4. Hovering over the status will show the name of the status and the click will redirect to a list of candidates with the selected status.

  5. List of candidate statuses:

    1. All Applicant

    2. Shortlist

    3. In-Interview

    4. Rejected

    5. Hired

    6. Applied

    7. Matched Candidates

  6. Employers can activate or deactivate the posted job with a toggle button.

  7. More options with 3 dots will show the functions we can perform with the listed job.

  1. The more options include:

    1. Duplicate: This function is used to duplicate the posted job.

    2. Edit: This function is used to update the details of the posted job.

    3. Share: This function is used to share the job.

    4. Delete: If the post is not vacant, an employer can delete the job.

Pending Interview

  1. This section will show the list of candidates who will be selected for an interview.

  2. It will show the candidate's name, position, interview schedule and "View Details" button.

The homepage footer includes the links of social media links and various pages of the website.

  1. Company Logo: Similar to the logo in the homepage header.

  2. Social Media Links: Below the company logo in the footer the social media links will display that will be added by an Admin from the Admin Panel.

  3. Connect with us: This section in the footer will have your email address and WhatsApp number so that employers can easily connect with you in any query.

  4. Static Pages: This section in the footer includes all static pages i.e., Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us including Site Map.

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