This page is used to manage the reviews and rating of the employer's profile.

Review Management

Company reviews help all job seekers make accurate decisions and apply with confidence for the companies they are applying to.

An administrator uses the reviews section to view all of the reviews that have been submitted for their company.

Review Management Overview

  • Name: List the reviewer's name so that reviewers can be given proper credit and recognize them on the website.

  • Company Name: This field shows the name of the company to which the reviewer has added the review and ratings for the company.

  • Review: The reviewer's comments are displayed on the website using this field.

  • Rating: This field is used to calculate the average rating of the company and to display the rating on the website.

  • Active: Using this section admin can manage the visibility of the review on the employer's profile, whether to show the review or not. If the admin disables the review, it will not display on the employer's profile.

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