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It is the area where the analytics will show the number of employers with plans and without plans.

  1. Company With Licence: This data will show the number of employers who have active plans.

  2. Company Without Licence: This data will show the number of employers on the platform without any plan. The reason may be their plan was expired or they only registered on the platform and didn't purchase any licence or plan.

Employer analytics section

  • Company name: The name of the company which have registered in the portal.

  • Email: The email address of the employer.

  • Status: It shows the active status of the employer.

  • Phone number: The employer's phone number.

  • Active Jobs: Total count of active jobs that the employer has posted

  • Inactive Jobs: Total number of jobs that are not active anymore.

  • Job Post credit: It shows the total number of jobs that can be posted under a purchased license.

  • Staff Credit: it shows the total number of staff members that can be allowed to utilize the platform.

  • License Expiry: This is the date on which the employer's license will expire.

  • Total Job Post: total number of jobs that are already posted by employer.

Employer Analytics Conclusion

In conclusion, employer analytics offer a snapshot of an employer's activity on the platform. Key data points include active status, job counts, credits, staff allocation, and license expiry. This information aids in effective management, support, and optimization of the platform for both administrators and employers.

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