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Admin usually makes job management easy.

Jobs Management

To have a centralized view for all jobs and manage all jobs is the main purpose of managing jobs with the help of admin.

It includes details of every job. reflecting the admin, job's current status. It is helpful for the admin to know about the employer who is offering the job and the job they post.

The jobs that are created at a specific date will have a published date, the publishing date usually changes if any changes are made to the specific job, including editing or changing its status.

Similarly, information about all the sections which is mandatory for managing a job is included as follows:-

Job Management Overview

  • Job Title: It shows the title of the particular Job.

  • Company name: It shows which company has posted the particular job.

  • Province: List of the geographic location of the job and the province for which applications are accepted.

  • Country: Specifies the name of the country from where the jobs are posted.

  • Applied Candidate: It shows how many candidates have applied for the particular Job post.

  • Created At: It shows the date when the job was created.

  • Slug: Gives a unique reference for the job.

  • Published At: Shows the date when the job was published.

  • Active: This column in Job Management shows the status of the job posted by an Employer. The admin has the authority to deactivate the job if required.

  • Actions: The action column has three functions listed below. Also, the edit and remove feature makes job management easy and allows the admin to permanently delete the job as well as update any field for any specific job.

  1. SEO Management: Using the SEO Management button the admin can configure the SEO to improve the listing of active jobs.

    Basic of SEO Management:

    It is the details displayed at the top of your website that help search engines identify details about the page.

    Meta title: A short website description shown when searched.

    Meta Description: Additional content in the form of text for the webpage of the website.

    Keywords: terms used to describe your website when searched.

    Author: The person or organization that created the website.

    Cover photo: The image that is displayed on social media when searched.

    Open Graph: It is a set of tags that help social media platforms display your website content correctly and quickly.

    • Title: The text displayed as a title when someone shares your page on social media.

    • Description: A short text is displayed below the title when someone shares the page on social media.


    Using this place you can add the custom JavaScript/CSS in the head tag of your website.

    • Add Script: A way to add custom JavaScript code to your category page.

  2. Edit: The edit button is used by an Admin to update the details of jobs listed on the platform by an employer or by the admin itself.

  3. Delete: The delete button is used to delete the job whether it is active or inactive.

More features of Job Management

The admin has the option to search and add a job from the admin panel.

  1. Search Job: This function is used to search any particular job from the list of jobs posted by an employer.

  2. Add: This feature allows the admin to add a single job or in bulk from the admin Panel.

Steps to Add a Job

Add job is the feature that lets you add new jobs and also post the jobs in bulk.

Add Job Type

Admin can post a new job by filling out the required fields like Job title, required years of experience, type of employment, position level, Employee's qualification, no. of position, job domain and job skills to let the candidates stay aware about the job.

Job Description and Keywords

Job description and keywords are mentioned to keep candidates informed about the position and facilitate them to quickly search for it using keywords.

Job Highlight

An additional section that allows to addition of all the specific details that employers seek from candidates when posting a job.

Work Location

To specify the kind of job they are willing to post such as whether the job supports work from the office or hybrid work mode. Additionally, if there are any location preferences then the name of the country, province, city, zip code, and address is to be mentioned.

Compensation & Benefits

The minimum and maximum gross salary that the employer has to offer, admins can maintain that record as well. Whether or not there is a need to disclose the salary range to candidates can be handled from the admin side and also from the employer side.

Company Information

The company name will appear in this section to provide a clear and immediate recognition.

Bulk Jobs Upload

  1. Jobs should be posted by uploading the jobs in CSV format from the admin panel.

  2. All of the columns are then mapped from the CSV file with the schema, and a review process takes place to identify if there are any incorrect input fields.

  3. If a mistake in the data is found, an option to correct the field and map it correctly with the appropriate column is provided. Then only the job will upload in bulk.

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