This module is used to manage the fields of the forms listed on the platform in the user panel.

Candidate Forms

  1. The candidate section in the forms will display all the forms listed in the candidate panel.

  2. Let's take a look at the SignUp and Profile page forms.

SignUp Form

  1. By default, all the fields will be listed in the SignUp form.

  2. From here you can edit the already available field names or add a new field as per your preference.

Add Field

  1. Let's start by adding a new field in the candidate SignUp form.

  2. Click on the "Add Field" button at the bottom of the fields.

  3. Select an option from the "Choose from existing" or "Add New".

  4. If you click on "Choose from existing", you will get the list of fields manually added by you previously.

  5. On selecting the "Add New", the below-mentioned fields will display to add a new field:

    1. Display Name: This field will display the name of the field.

    2. Placeholder: This field will display the text inside the field box.

    3. Type: This field will open the dropdown option to select the field type.

    4. The two checkboxes will be given i.e., required and editable.

      1. Required checkbox selection will make the field mandatory when the candidate fills out the SignUp form.

        1. On selecting the "Require" checkbox you have to enter the validation error message for the candidate if they are not filling this field.

      2. Editable will make the field editable at a later stage from the profile of the candidate if selected.

    5. Once the field is added successfully, it will be reflected in the candidate signup form as shown in the below screenshot:

    6. You can drag and drop the fields from the admin panel to sort the fields based on your preference.

The fields added by you here will store in the "Fields" module listed below the "Forms" module in the admin panel. From the "Fields" modules you can modify the created fields or add a new field and use it as an existing field while adding a field here.

Edit Field Name

  1. Click on the edit icon located at the end of every field name.

  2. A sidebar will open to update the name from there you can update the label name and placeholder.

    1. Here the label name is the main name of the field.

    2. Placeholder means the text displays inside the field box.

Forms in Profile

  1. All the editable and non-editable sections in the candidate profile forms are listed in the profile section as mentioned below:

    1. Personal Details

    2. Industry

    3. Education

    4. Projects

    5. Certification

    6. Experience, etc.

  2. The procedure for adding and editing fields are same as mentioned in the "SignUp Form" section.

  3. The only extra function given in the "Profile" section is "Add Section".

  4. "Add Section" is used to add a section like personal details, industry, education, etc.

  5. If you want to add such sections, click on the "Add Section" button.

  6. Enter the section name.

  7. Select an option from "Choose from Exiting" if previously created any section or click on the "Add New" button to add a new section.

  8. The same fields will be displayed that displays while adding a new field.

  9. Enter the details, select field type and checkboxes as per your requirement.

  10. Click "Add" and a new section will be added in the Candidate Panel just like other sections.

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