Apply for a Job

This page will show the details that how a candidate can apply for the job posted by an employer.

Job Selection

  1. The first step for applying for a job is to select the appropriate job that suits the profile of the candidate.

Job Application

  1. When the candidate selects the job from the list s/he will be redirected to the page from where they can apply for the job by clicking on "Apply for this job".

  2. The next page that will be displayed on the candidate's browser to upload his/her resume which will be the first step to applying for a selected job.

    1. The candidate has to upload the resume in doc, docx and pdf format only.

    2. If the candidate doesn't have a resume, they can create one by using our smart feature of creating a resume.

    3. This feature will collect the information from the candidate's profile and create a resume for the candidate based on the details entered by them.

    4. The candidate can also select the template from the available templates, but before that, they have to complete their 50% profile.

  3. After completing the resume step the next step will be "Additional Questions" if any of the questions are added by an employer, the candidate has to answer that question before forwarding to the next step.

  4. If no question was added by an employer, the candidate can simply click on "Save & Next" for the next step.

  5. This will be the 3rd step for the job application i.e., "Video Resume" which will be optional.

    1. This step depends on the candidate's preference whether they want to upload the video resume, if not they can "Skip and Submit" to proceed further with their application.

    2. The video format supports only MP4, AVI and WebM.

  6. Congratulations! The candidate has applied for the job successfully.

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