While creating a web page, functionality to provide elements for content management.

Widget Management

Widgets Overview

Widgets are like simple components for websites and mobile apps that you can add and position wherever needed and these components can be adjusted through the admin panel.

Widget Name

Used to give a name or label to a widget, making it easier to identify and manage different widgets on the website or app.

Widget Code

Developers can use the code found in the widget section to add, modify, and integrate third-party apps and services into the Jobs dashboard.

Widget Status

To manage the widgets, which widgets show up on the dashboard and which ones to hide these tabs to activate and deactivate widgets are used. Active widgets are those that are indicated as such; inactive widgets are those that are hidden.


The action column will have two options i.e., Edit and Delete:

Edit Widget

Make modifications to your widget using this option. This allows you to remove or delete your widget.

Add Widget

The Admin can add a new widget from the "Add Widget" button and map it with the page to improve the user interface of the website.

  • Name: Giving the widget's name so that it can be quickly identified.

  • Code: It's similar to providing the widget with clear directions so that when users use it, it knows what to display.

  • Widget type: Choose how you want your widget to look and function.

    • Fixed card: It stays in one place, like a picture frame on a wall, and shows the same content.

    • Carousel: It looks like a rotating menu, with various items appearing one after the other.

    • Tabs: It organizes content into tabs or sections that are simple to access.

  • Item type: This is about what kind of stuff you want to put inside your widget

    • Image: This can be applied to display images within widgets.

    • Categories: Items can be arranged according to distinct categories or subjects.

    • Job: It helps in listing and displaying job vacancies.

    • Companies: This is used to display details about various companies or organizations.

  • Background Color: Choose a background colour for the widget.

  • Web per row: To set the number of items that will appear frequently when called from the web.

  • Tablet per row: To set the number of items in a row when viewed on a tablet.

  • Mobile per row: Choose how many items will appear in a row on a mobile phone.

  • Web Items and Mobile Items: This includes modifying the items that are shown on a website and mobile app.

    • Title of item: Allot a title or name to each thing in your widget in all possible languages.

    • Subtitle: Add a subtitle for each item in different languages in all possible languages.

    • Alt text: Provide alternative text in case the item can't be displayed visually.

    • Link: Provide links from your widget items to external web pages.

    • Upload image: Upload an image here in the add widget so that, for websites and mobile apps, respectively the image appears as desired each time the platform is opened.

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