Licence is used for subscription plan.

Licence Management

An Admin has access to add and manage the Licence from an Admin Panel which will be used by an Employer based on their subscription plan.

Licence Details

  • Licence Name: This field displays the name of the licence.

  • Description: This field shows the description of a licence.

  • Type: This field shows the type of licence that an Admin can configure from the Master and Submaster of an Admin Panel

  • Job Post: This section will show the number of jobs that an employer can post on the subscription of that particular licence.

  • Members: This section shows the number of team members allowed to be added by an employer on his profile.

  • Candidate Preview: This section displays how many candidates can view the Employer's Profile.

  • Monthly Price: This section will show the monthly amount an employer has to pay to get the licence.

  • Annually Price: This section will show the annual amount an employer has to pay to get the licence.

  • Active: This section will display the status of the licence whether the licence added by an Admin is Active or Inactive.

  • Actions: In the "Action" tab an Admin has two actions:

    • Edit: From the "Edit" button the Admin can update the details of a licence when required.

    • Delete: From the "Delete" button the Admin can delete the licence when required.

More features of the Licence

Apart from the above details in the Admin Panel, the admin can also search or add the licence.

  • Search Bar: From the list of licences an Admin can search a particular licence using Search Bar.

  • Add Licence: The admin can add a new licence of a new subscription plan for an employer.

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