Managing Staff from Admin Panel.

Staff Management

The admin can add and manage the Staff from the Admin Panel.

Staff Management Overview

The details of Staff that are displayed in an Admin Panel are listed below:

  • Name: This section shows the name of the staff member.

  • Email: This section displays an email of the added staff member.

  • Phone Number: This section shows the phone number of the staff member.

  • Role: From this section, we can know the role of the staff member which also helps us to know the access and permission of that particular staff member.

  • Last Login: This section provides the login details of the staff member.

  • Active: Using this section the Admin can enable or disable the staff member from the portal according to the staff member's availability and requirement.

  • Actions: This section has two buttons which are mentioned below with their functions:

    • Edit: This button is used by an Admin to update the details of the staff member.

    • Delete: This button is used to delete the staff members which will lead to removing all the permissions, details and access of that member. Just click on the "Delete" button and enter the phrase shown in the dialogue box to confirm the deletion of that member.

More features of Staff Management

In the header of the Staff Module in an Admin Panel, the admin has the following features:

  1. Choose Role: This feature works like a filter, if the admin selects any particular role he/she will get the list of Staff with that same role.

  2. Search Staff: The admin can directly enter the name of the Staff to search for any particular staff. The list will show only that staff whose name is searched by an Admin.

  3. Add Staff: The admin can add new staff with a defined role using this function in the Admin Panel.

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