Streamlining the management process by maintaining candidate details from one place only.

Candidates Data Management

  1. To manage the candidate's profile manually is tough also every minute details cannot be managed therefore the admin manages all the important information.

  2. The following list of information is required to maintain a candidate's profile:

    1. Name: The full name of the candidate is mentioned here.

    2. Experience: If any candidate has a professional work history.

    3. Qualification: It highlights the educational background of a particular candidate.

    4. Phone number: Contact number of the candidate for communication.

    5. Email-id: Email address of the candidate for communication.

    6. Registration date: The date when the candidate signed up on the platform.

    7. Province: Geographic location from where the candidate belongs.

    8. City: Specific city or locality from where the candidate is applying.

    9. Last Login: Information about the candidate's most recent login activity.


The default actions in the admin panel are to let the admin view, remove and impersonate the candidate's profile.

  1. View: Can view the candidate details, which include their name and contact details.

  2. Delete: When a candidate is no longer active or valid if there is a need to remove the particular record from the platform then actually they are maintained in the database but are just soft deleted, so that candidate information is always preserved and won't reflect the record anywhere when it is searched for.

  3. Impersonate: Using this feature admin can impersonate the candidate's profile to know more about the candidate's interaction with the system.

Let's see how the employers' data will be managed by the admin on the next page.

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