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Admin Dashboard

The list of entities visible through the admin panel will be:

  1. Candidates

  2. Employer

  3. Jobs

  4. Licences

Dashboard Overview

In the dashboard overview, you'll find the key information outlined below:


  1. Applied Candidate: Total number of candidates who have applied for the jobs posted.

  2. Non-Applied Candidate: Total number of candidates who have not applied for the jobs posted.


  1. Subscribed Employer: The total number of employers who have acquired license plans to post the jobs.

  2. Unsubscribed Employer: The number of employers who have decided to discontinue their license plans or have chosen to stop purchasing plans to post jobs.


  1. Active Jobs: Total number of jobs that are actively hiring candidates.

  2. Inactive Jobs: Jobs posted by a specific employer will be considered inactive if that employer has deactivated the job or cancelled their subscription plans.


The admin dashboard is the section of the platform that helps track and manage candidates, employers, jobs and licences simultaneously and uses that information to enhance the platform.

Recent Candidate

  1. Admin can stay informed about the candidates that register on the platform.

  2. Candidates are sorted based on the registration date, as it lists out the last 10 candidates who have registered on the platform based on the most recent date.

Recent Employer

  1. Generally, the admin can keep track of the employers who are using the platform and whether they have subscribed or not.

  2. Employers are also organized based on their registration dates; the 10 most recent ones are displayed with details about their subscription plans.

  3. This makes it easier to identify how many new employers must purchase a plan; in the process, if employers do not purchase a plan, then the admin will not allow that employer to utilize the platform's functionalities.

Recent Jobs

  1. Admin can keep track of the most recently posted jobs and monitor how many candidates are actively applying for them.

  2. The admin can also monitor particular types of employers who post specific jobs.

License Expiration

  1. The admin can keep track of license expiration dates for employers utilizing the platform under their purchased plans.

  2. As soon as these purchased plans reach their expiration duration, the admin can notify employers during the final 15 days, encouraging them to renew their licenses to continue to post jobs on the platform.

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