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Graphical Representation

The graph in candidate analytics can be viewed by selecting various entities from the dropdown and viewing the graphical analytics based on the selection.

  1. Candidate's Location: This chart shows the number of candidates from each geographic location.

  2. Candidate's Experience: This chart shows the number of candidates with each level of experience, such as entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level.

  3. Candidates Skills: This graph shows the number of candidates with each skill, such as programming languages, software development tools, and industry knowledge.

  4. Candidates Application: This analytics shows the number of candidates who have applied or have yet not applied for the job listed on the platform.

  5. Candidates Status: This chart shows the number of candidates in each stage of the hiring process, such as applied, shortlisted, interviewed, hired, and rejected.

Candidates Section

  • Candidates Name: To find and recognize candidates based on their full names.

  • Experience: The candidate's level of experience for the job for which he is applying, as well as the candidate's eligibility for the job.

  • Skills: Determine whether the candidate has the necessary skills for the job, such as programming, language knowledge, and any additional skills.

  • Qualifications: Check the candidate's education and make sure they meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Email: Section is demanded because email addresses can be considered as the medium to communicate with the candidates.

  • Province: This is the candidate's location data, which the employer might use to determine where the candidate resides.

  • City: This is useful for locating candidates who reside in particular cities.

  • Applied Jobs: Understanding candidate's preferences is easier with knowledge of the type of jobs they have applied for.

  • Registration Date and Time: Helps in keeping an eye on candidate activity and spotting any issues in the application process.

So, this is the last section of the Analytics module. Let's go to the next page and see how you can manage the data as an Admin.

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