This page describe the details of the transactions performed on the platform.

Transaction Management

  1. This section in the "Manage Data" module will be used to view and manage the transactions if required.

    Transaction Management

Transaction Overview

This section includes the following details as mentioned below with description:

  1. Employer: This column in the transaction will show the company name whose employer paid for the plan purchased based on their requirement.

  2. Transaction Type: This column will show the transaction type which may include a payment gateway to accept cards, digital wallets, net banking, etc.

  3. Date of Transaction: This column will display the date when the transaction will be performed by an employer to purchase a suitable plan for his company.

  4. Transaction ID: This section will show the unique ID of the transaction for traceability purposes.

  5. Amount: This column will show the amount of the plan purchased by an employer.

  6. Status: This column will display the status of the transaction that will be Approved, Failed or Pending.

  7. Actions: This column will have two action buttons for invoices as mentioned below each with a description.

    1. Send Invoice: This button will be used by an admin to send the invoice to an employer on their registered email address.

    2. Download Invoice: This button will be used by an admin to download the invoice from the Admin Panel with just a single click.

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