📅Import History

To maintain the history of the bulk jobs that are posted.

Import History

  1. When an employer wants to upload jobs in huge volume then it is to be uploaded in the form of a sheet with all needed information which will create ease for an employer to post the jobs, similarly employer can also upload the bulk job and can also create the job.

  2. The admin just keeps the record of the files, which holds information about the jobs that are uploaded in bulk and maintains the record for the same. number of jobs that have been updated or added to the sheet, is reflected in import history. details related to import history are mentioned as follows:

Import History Overview

  • File name: The name of the file to upload jobs in bulk.

  • Import Date and Time: The date and time of the file it was uploaded.

  • Import Type: Contains information about the file type.

  • Import By: Name of the person from whom the files were imported.

  • Total: It indicates the count of the total number of jobs uploaded.

  • New: Reflects the count when the new job is uploaded successfully.

  • Updated: Reflects the count if the job is updated.

  • Failed: It will display the count if the posting of the job failed.

Benefits of Import History

Admin can see all jobs that are uploaded from one place only and can easily spot if any job posting fails and the admin can immediately take action.

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