Setting to customize the appearance of the platform.

About Appearance

  1. This section of the Settings module will be used to improve the user interface of the Admin Panel and Front Panel (website).

  2. Whatever changes will be made in this section will be reflected on the Admin and Front Panel.

Appearance Instructions

  1. Click "Edit" to update the fields of "Appearance".

  2. The company name entered by you while onboarding will be there by default.

    1. You can change it as per your preference.

  3. Enter the description of your company.

  4. Enter "Copyright Text".

  5. Select the colour, that will be applied on the Admin and User Panel (Employer and Candidate Panel).

  6. Upload "Logo", "Favicon" and "Footer Logo".

  7. Select the font of your choice.

  8. Click "Save".

Click "Next" for "Social Media Links".

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