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Provide candidates with ready-made templates to simplify the job application process.

Resume Template Management

Candidates using pre-made templates for resumes utilize them when applying to positions for the jobs that are posted by an employer.

Resume Template Overview

  • Search Resume: A search bar for name-based resume templates. to swiftly search the template of a particular resume.

  • Name: The name of the resume template, to manage the templates.

  • Profile Percentage %: The completion percentage of the resume template is determined by dividing the number of completed sections by the total number of sections in the template.

  • Preview: Use the preview field to see how the resume template looks before using it.

  • Active: An active template allows one to create a resume, while an inactive one can still be updated but not used. It's a helpful tool to make your resume look good and organized.

  • Actions: Admin has the option to edit the resume template name and profile percentage.

Benefits of Resume Templates

Saves time:

Candidates are busy with preparations when applying for any job. Most applicants would prefer not to waste time starting their resumes from scratch as a result. Pre-made templates are useful in this situation.


Employers look for specific elements on resumes. Candidates frequently forget to include everything on their resumes, and if those sections are ignored, the candidates may be rejected. In this case, templates are very helpful.

To add a new resume template the admin should contact the developer because it can be added by the developer only.

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